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Director - Shatveer Singh Rana

Traditional Hatha yoga Teacher, Shatveer Singh Rana, who was born in the holy place of Rishikesh where is the origin of yoga.
He has been in yoga life since age of 15. Starting was only by the curiosity, however he was fully inspired by the concept of yoga. Yoga changed the entired life style of him. He started study in Sivananda and expanded his journey to Practicing and learning with many other great teachers, himself also developed his own style of teaching skill with strong foundation of yogic knowledge. More than 9 years of teaching inn overseas and India gave him a great opportunity to learn about different individual and found out how to approach asana to individual body condition. He receives the pure energy from the Mother of Ganga by doing player everyday to spread the energy who come to his teaching. Yogi Shatveer is truly dedicated himself to yoga as well as professional and experienced Hatha yoga master.
He loves to let the students know that anything you attained very quickly, that will be disappear very quickly, which means that more time you spend to learn a thing or practice same asana over and over that will be yours forever. Yogi Shatveer believes that practice never lies. Never skip self-practice everyday to follow Niyama as well.


Anatomy Teacher - Kelly Jee Eun, Lee

Kelly JeeEun, Lee is 200 & 300 RYT Certified Yoga teacher, who studied more depth in Yoga Anatomy.
She used to teach asana then had experience many different type of body condition, nationality, age and started questioning herself what can do better for people whose with disease or lack of undstanding themselves. That was the begining for her to start to teach Yoga anatomy.

She has great combination of knowledge of human body and yoga. How to obtain the maximun benefit by doing yoga both for physically and mentally. Kelly is south koean, however she found great peace and settled in Rishikesh.
She likes to saying this, " when you say I do yoga on & off, then you have never done yoga before".


Pranayama Teacher - Sanjeev Pandey Ji

Yogacharya Sanjeev Pandey Ji is the most popular Pranayama teacher in Rishikesh, India. His inspirational classes won't leave anyone indifferent to the art of pranayama. Pandey Ji is artistical, yet able to talk in simple language about intricate matters. As all-without exception- students witness, Pandey Ji's knowledge of pranayama is comprehensive and exhaustive. Yogacharya Pandey is able to rediscover familiar techniques in a new light and in the exact sequence and method that increase efficiency of your practice to the absolute. Sanjeev Pandey has been into pranayama for the last 20 years. Once a successful businessman he gave up everything to go into the depth of yogic lifestyle. He is a well-known pranayama teacher in Rishikesh. His unique teaching style does not leave anyone cold. Students say that within a few classes he manages to give them a very clear idea about such a complicated science as pranayama and its purposes and techniques as a part of the eight-limbed yogic path. Pandey Ji is a devotee of traditional methods on modern yoga. His views and teachings are based on classical works on yoga such as Hathayogapradipika, Bhagavad Gita, a numbe of the Upanishads and Gheranda Samhita.

Sanjeev Pandey Ji

Asana Teacher for Hatha, Ashtanga
vinyasa yoga - Awdhesh Semwal

Awdhesh Semwal born in Rishikesh, the capital of yoga. His yoga life started from 2011 because he met various people who teach yoga around him and encouraged him to come to yoga path. Therefore he started to study in college about philosophy of yoga and started anapractise as well. He obtained positiveness, peace in mind and physical heath. Awdesh Semwal completed diploma in Yoga and further more master degree of yoga in 2014. After his master degree he understand that yoga is not only asana, there are more things need to be obtained to be proper yoga practitioner. To deepen his study, he went to Mysore to practice Ashtanga Vinyasa and studied with certified Ashtanga Vinyasa teacher called Ajay Kumar. He is young yogi but he has better understanding of yoga because he has passion to spread knowledge and enthusiasm of self-development in broad part yoga. Om Yoga Academy is very proud to have him as our starting member. We believe he will be the best teacher in Rishikesh.